Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics


Social Media Analytics involves the process of fetching data from various social media platforms and then further evaluating the collected data for making informed business decisions.

People are often open to express their views and opinions on Social Media sites in the form of discussions or sharing posts. This benefits the enterprises in knowing their customers well and help in providing better products and services.

At Axiom MRC, we not only analyse retweets or likes on the social media sites, but also do a detailed scrutiny to gain an in-depth knowledge of the preferences and sentiments of the consumers.

The data which is examined by our analysts helps the enterprises to come up with enhanced business strategies and products for maximising customer’s experience. The whole process of analysis is carried on with the help of well-known social media tools by our in-house experts.

Axiom MRC offers the following services:

Ad-hoc/ Real-time Brand Monitoring:

The digital world is growing rapidly and for matching its pace, Real-Time Brand Monitoring is the perfect choice. Companies often prefer to outsource such analysis to third party. Axiom MRC holds  expertise in providing real time and holistic results through our social media research. Being well-versed in understanding our client’s requirement and by working with global companies, we are a reliable and experienced agency for data analytics.

Continuous Social Media Reporting:

Continuous Social Media Reporting helps in driving your marketing plans with the help of social data. For better campaigning results, we provide off the shelf and social benchmarking reports as per the client requirements. We believe in working together with the client’s team for enhanced and precise results.

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